A spammer by any other name…

…would smell just about the same!

I’ve been saving spam since the beginning of the year, intending to do another “odd names used in spam messages” post. Since an actual post at this point would be ridiculously long (and probably of little interest?), I’ve decided to make it a page instead….

Names used by spammers (and message subject lines of interest)

Lambert Jessy (I very rarely eat these anyway, so not a problem.), Mary Eason, Laurel David (I know how to find a lot of girls), Replica store (Replica gifts for Christmas [IDR: They’re not real gifts?!]), Chung Hernandez, Valentine Q. Barry (sage plateful), Eira Anding (Re: troo Trito), Hunter Z. Doris (potency republic), Cares Offensive, Topsy-Turvy, Ellerman G. Escarela, Underwood Joy [IDR: “Joy Underwood”, of course, would be perfectly acceptable], Irwin Dowdy, The Russian, Zeke Ellary (Hey, Balduin! [IDR: Wasn’t that a LotR character?], Tempermental P. Din.

(More to come!)