IbaDaiRon’s Reading List

I thought it might be a good idea to transfer my (sadly long un-updated) reading list from a page on my site (created using Dreamweaver) to one of these built-in Write Pages. Might encourage me to keep it more current.

Then again….

Anyway, without further ado:

Current Reading List

(Yes, there will be a list here, because I rarely if ever am reading only one book at a time!)

Quicksilver by Neil Stephenson (historical fiction)
(c) Amazon.com - used without permission

I got a few couple hundred pages in, but then got distracted by other things. I really liked what I read, though, and want to do the entire Baroque Cycle, so I’m kind of waiting until I’ve forgotten enough of the details (…whoa, there they went!) to go back and start again from the beginning.


(Coming soon…)


(Coming soon, too, but as a preliminary salvo, ANY of the crap Dune “prequels” written by Brian Herbert and his partner in crime, what’s-his-name.)