Vanna White Loves Me!

I mean, she must, what? She keeps leaving comments like this in the queue:

Hello webmaster…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Thursday.

Vanna White

OK, Vanna!

Hey, Pat, I wanna buy a vowel! Spin the big wheel, Vanna!

Big money! Big money! WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!

2 Responses to “Vanna White Loves Me!”

  1. handmaiden Says:

    Since you haven’t posted for a while, I’m forced to go through your archives.

    You know you really have a lot of stuff going on there. It’s all well organized, too.

    I think that’s commendable, esp. in that it’s makes me look a little less weird.


  2. IbaDaiRon Says:

    Sorry. I’m working on rectifying the situation, as you can no doubt see. :D