Hot Arab Women With Large Breasts!

Will NOT be found anywhere on this website.

But you’d be surprised how many people seem to be ending up here as a result of googling for them.

So I thought it would be interesting to see what this post does to my hits over the next few days.

(I’m adding the “Breast-soothing” category tag, which is supposed to be for things about music [get it?], to the post as well, so I guess I should include something about that as well: Hmm…anyone familiar with the group Lifehouse?)

Hey…I just got to wondering…do Arab women have large breasts? I remember meeting an Egyptian woman or two who was rather well endowed…but then they were both kinda big bints all around, if you know what I mean.

This is the kind of thing you wonder about late on a Sunday night when you’re a man living in a country where you had—even before going on those potentially disfiguring BP drugs—a larger bosom than most of the women around you.

(And just in case anyone was wondering, no, my manboobs have not gotten any bigger. That I’ve noticed.)

8 Responses to “Hot Arab Women With Large Breasts!”

  1. handmaiden Says:

    What the hell! I’ve been jyped!
    Where are the hot Arab women with big breasts?

    I didn’t put a sitemeter on my new blog. I’m much happier without it. I get obsessively weird about things like that.

    It doesn’t stop me from clicking on other peoples blogs a zillion times a day, though. (yes, I’m aware it makes me look like a nut on their sitemeters)

    If you are doing what you should be doing your manboobs should be getting smaller. right?

    Speaking of exercising, I’m getting a new exercise machine for X-mas so instead of bothering you & LG, I can pump iron.

  2. IbaDaiRon Says:

    Whoa…I haven’t checked the access logs yet but the spam dropped off to zero like overnight!

    Manboobs are not appreciably smaller. But then I’m not “pumping iron”, ha ha.

    (That brings an interesting picture to mind, btw. :D )

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