Today in the Anals* of Religious History…

This Muhammed loves you:

This Muhammed loves you!

The other one, the towelhead, says, “GO TO HELL, INFIDEL!”

Well, at least his submissive, peace-loving (after all, Islam is a religion of peace, right?) followers say that.

This kind of silliness is a round-about hint at the answer, just in case you’re ever on a quiz show or playing Trivial Pursuit with friends, to the question, “Why won’t Muslims ever have a space program?”

And speaking of religion-oriented questions, here’s another one for you:

Ever seen a black Mormon?

Me, neither, now that I’ve thought about it.

It was a funny coincidence that this morning on CNNj they had a soundbite about some black guy more or less accusing Romney of racism (no blacks on his campaign staff) when just last night I was reading Christopher Hitchens’ comments on the history of the Mormon cult. (You see, he really is an equal opportunity basher, which I quite like. Has an interesting take on Gandhi, by the way; about how it was probably a good thing for India that he was assassinated before he had a chance to see any of his spinning wheel policies put into practice since, Hitchens contends, they would have led to economic disaster.) I had no idea that Joseph Smith and his followers were pro-slavery and involved in anti-abolitionist activities. Or that it took the Mormon organization a long time to renounce the errors of its founder. (Or that Smith was a jailbird, but that’s a topic for another time.)

Maybe Romney and his crew didn’t get the memo?


* Not a misspelling.

16 Responses to “Today in the Anals* of Religious History…”

  1. Brian Says:

    Ever seen a black Mormon?

    I’ve never seen a Mormon, as far as I know.

    The only people I’ve seen that I know are Mormon are Orson Scott Card and Howard Taylor - and I’ve never met those gentlemen in the flesh. Oh, I’ve seen some in the street - or I assume those young earnest guys on bikes wearing ties are doing their ministry - but it’s not like they wear signs.

    I wonder … LDS happened just before the information revolution - thanks to the media we know all about Joseph Smith and LDS. I wonder if Smith had seen the prophet a thousand years earlier if they’d be more wide-spread than they are now?

  2. IbaDaiRon Says:

    We’d have heard about them, maybe.

    As one of those groups who got squashed by the Paulian majority and who, under the merciful loving care of Mother Church, were allowed to darken the skies with their smoke.

    No, I don’t think they’d be more or even as widespread. Just spread wide. And far. By the wind.

    Now that’s a beautiful world, isn’t it? ;)

  3. handmaiden Says:

    Mormon conspiracy is alive & well in my little Burg. I don’t want to say too much about it on the internet, though…
    I will say, Mormons are the Capitalists of religion.

  4. handmaiden Says:

    I have some statistics…In this town of 4,000+ At least 2 of the six city council members + the city manager is Mormon. The principal, Vice Principal & at least 3 teachers at the High School are Morman.
    Perhaps, I should put my new found algebra skills to work.

    “Do The Math” as they(whoever they are) say.

  5. Brian Says:

    I have no idea where you live, HM. In parts of the American West those kinds of numbers would mean you’ve got a ton of backsliders not a looming Mormon conspiracy.

    But .. ya I see ‘Mormons’ like I do other religions. In North Carolina and Texas you could not shake a stick without smacking a Baptist upside the head. I went to high school in a small Oklahoma town - everyone on the city council was a professed Baptist or Methodist - it wasn’t a conspiracy it was a) good politics b) sincere belief, c) just folks or d) some or all of the above.

  6. Marc André Says:

    Ever watch the show House? They had a black mormon. But I guess that doesn’t count. But I did see one or two; and many Hispanics. My girlfriend used to live close one of their (what do they call them? Temple? Church?), and we’d see Mormons all the time. But in the 12 years I’ve hung around that part of town, I’ve only saw one of two. And I’m not even sure they were full-fledge members.

  7. handmaiden Says:

    Wait til Mitt Romney is on the throne…

  8. IbaDaiRon Says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of, “Handmaiden”.

    Actually, Brian, smacking Baptists up the side of the head is probably the best way to deal with them. I was raised a Methodist myself, and have met people from just about every denomination you can imagine, but the Baptists I’ve known were without a doubt the most supercilious assholes and hypocrites of the lot.

    This thing with the teacher in Sudan has really pissed me off as well. I knew a guy from Sudan down in Tsukuba years ago. He’d go out drinking with us and then at the end of the night call us all infidels and tell us we were going to hell.

    Good to know the Mohammedans have their hypocrites, too.

  9. handmaiden Says:

    Maybe I’m just paranoid about Mormons. but they seem to be so well organized. What about Mormon Inc…?
    I try to remind myself that a lot of factors contribute to my negative perception of religion & religious folks, but I always come around to being critical. maybe I hang out at too many atheist blogs?

    Muslim hypocrites? I never really thought about it, but of course they aren’t any different then anyone else. I don’t know how they can really believe that crap, anyway.

    Religion! ARRGH Baby Jesus! BAH HUMBUG

  10. IbaDaiRon Says:

    I missed the live coverage of Romney’s “faith speech”, but I’ve downloaded and intend to read and comment on it. (Hopefully before it becomes old news.)

    There’s WAY TOO MUCH RELIGION in the election this time.

  11. handmaiden Says:

    I really wish you’d do that.
    LG, has a post up about now & I’ve prob. already made a fool of myself over there.

  12. handmaiden Says:

    to add: LG’s post is about that topic. & i hate to be a double poster but i just talked to my religious fundie pentecostal mother, i am shocked! She is FOR Mitt Romney, even though he is a Mormon.

  13. IbaDaiRon Says:

    Hi. Been kinda busy this weekend with some code for the student area of the site. I’ll pop over to LG’s now to see what’s up. :)

    (That is pretty shocking about your mother. What’s her reasoning?!)

  14. handmaiden Says:

    Well i specifically asked her about what she & the Church thought about Romney for president. I thought since they were all such rabid Mormon haters a couple of years ago….the funny thing is she’s done a 360. What it came down to & she said this herself was “morality.” “They” (at least her & her bunch) feel he is strong, capable, & very moral. I never would of imagined that! I remember saying I was sure a Mormon would never be elected president.
    I don’t think that now. :(

    It’s not that I’m a Mormon hater either. It’s just that as a whole They are just too darn religious for me. & organized enough to be dangerous. My mother sees this to, but for her it’s a good thing. *sigh* Well I’m going to blog about it. & link LG’s & at least one other site.

  15. IbaDaiRon Says:

    I don’t hate them, either. I just think they’re stupider than the average Paulian wingnut.

    Speaking of Pauls and wingnuts, I noticed that Paul F. is still visiting LG’s and Jennifer is still visiting you. Reassuring that some things never change.

    (Too bad you live on oppositie sides of the country. I still think she “likes” you. ;) )

  16. handmaiden Says:

    Well, you brought it up, I didn’t.

    J_G is ok.
    I know you have issues with Her/him. Some kind of gender issue? or is it a issue of his/her self righteous morality? or whatever the problem is.
    My thing is I’m very curious about what people think. esp. people that are outside the norm.

    Why do you think I talk to you?
    ha ha :) ←kidding

    I talk to you because you are intelligent & clever, not because you are weird. & I also have some strange obsessive crush on you.

    Paul is a misogynist jerk. I like to needle him. (poke-poke, -insert cuss word-)

    LG is a professor. Who doesn’t want the ear of a professor? If he even notices me I fall down in a pentecostal faint.