Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember to give thanks today to your loved ones and all those who have helped you in some way during the past year.

That’s right, “to” not “for”.

The universe doesn’t care whether you thank it or not. It’s doing its thing and will keep right on doing it whether you thank it or not. Thank the people. They’re real and will probably appreciate it.

Don’t waste your time thanking God. You’ll just be talking to yourself.

Thank you all for continuing to stop by—despite the paucity of posts over the last year—and for reading my ramblings and rants and commenting on them. I really do appreciate it!

5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. handmaiden Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

  2. handmaiden Says:

    OK, don’t say Happy Thanksgiving back. Don’t answer E-mails, don’t comment on peoples blogs…

  3. IbaDaiRon Says:

    Are we grumpy or what?

    Sorry, too many irons in the fire and not enough hours in the day.

    I’m way behind on all my emails at the moment, so don’t feel singled or left out. And I don’t comment on hardly any blogs at the moment.

    And while, technically, I said it first, a Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! ;)

    (I didn’t get to have any turkey this year. I hope y’all had a little extra for me!)

  4. handmaiden Says:

    You are forgiven of course.
    Thanksgiving was not so bad this year. My daughter was feeling domestic so I let her do most of the cooking.
    I thought about you briefly, wondering if you were eating cold sushi. :(

  5. IbaDaiRon Says:

    It’s always good to let other people do the cooking. :D

    No cold sushi…or anything special to mark the occasion. Just another work day here on Thursday.

    Friday, though, was the Japanese Labor Day. I called one of my aunts back home while it was still Thanksgiving Day. Sounded like a madhouse, with everyone in. That’s all I miss, seeing everyone. ;)