The towelheads are finally getting into the act

Been getting a lot of comment spam lately purporting to be from Arabs.

For example, I just cleaned out spam from Tamer Husni (not sure if that could be Arabic or not, but it originated from Global Net, headquartered in Atlanta), Majida Al Roumi (same IP address as Tamer,, and Hot Arab Girl (same address again).

No way to know if these people are really Middle Eastern immigrants gone bad or just whitebread trash playing a new angle. And I guess another possibility is morally challenged American Muslim converts?

Such people do exist. I know this from firsthand experience. Last year on the Dune forum where I used to post, I got into a linguistics argument with an Arab guy (can’t remember his name now) who was trying to tell everyone his Bedouin dialect was some sort of perfect language. (As in, what Almighty Gawud Himself must speak when He’s lounging around in heaven in His underwear watching the tube or chitchatting with the cherubim and seraphim.) His American wife eventually joined the fray and it turned out, from links she provided for some reason or other, that she’s one of these Internet domain name squatters. You know, the people who buy up a lot of different domains that they never intend to use themselves but which someone else—hopefully a corporation with lots of money—might want to use someday. So the discussion turned to morality and whether such behavior was in keeping with being a good Muslim. As with too many “religious” people, she chose to interpret the laws of her religion in a way that permitted her to continue what she was doing.

Whatever. I just hope Ali Baba makes her wear the full veil and all that shit whenever they go out.

One Response to “The towelheads are finally getting into the act”

  1. Iris Says:

    Problems with religions, I found, usually lies within the believers. Most religions exits to benefit people and the world we live in. However, some “believe” so much, often they forget they are flawed. With those people, the more investment and status they have, the less they remember they are human. After all, being closer to God doesn’t necessary make you God, especially not when you “appoint” yourself as one.

    Then there are people who rather follow than think. The followers are often attracted to the charismatic religious leaders. If they are lucky, they find someone who is pure and kind. If they are not, they just became little prizes collected by self-assigned Gods for their own needs.

    I think a truly enlighten person would not force others to believe in certain religion. After all, for a person who works on oneself and offers help and kindness to others, the actions will speak the loudest.

    My humble 2 cents.