Well, the Mohammedans get it half right…

You’ve no doubt heard the Shahadah, the Islamic declaration of faith, once or twice, the first part of which runs Lā ilāha illā-llāh, “There is no god but God (Allah)”, right? It has occurred to me more than once that if you drop the last two words of that, you’ve pretty much said what has to be said.

I’m currently reading Christopher Hitchens god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. And rather enjoying it, I must say. This passage, from near the bottom of p. 87, chimed in nicely with the above when I read it this morning (emphasis added):

Aristotle, whose reasoning about the unmoved mover and the uncaused cause is the beginning of this argument, concluded that the logic would necessitate forty-seven or fifty-five gods. Surely even a monotheist would be grateful for Ockham’s razor at this point? From a plurality of prime movers, the monotheists have bargained it down to a single one. They are getting ever nearer to the true, round figure.

This is the first thing I can remember reading by “Hitch”, as fans seem to refer to him. It’s always nice to read something by someone who can write well. (I’ve read some real stinkers, mostly fiction, over the last year, too.)

3 Responses to “Well, the Mohammedans get it half right…”

  1. handmaiden Says:

    At this point I’ll prob. never get around to reading that book, but it’s enough for me to get other peoples takes on it.

    I remember something I read by a Christian philosopher/mystic (?) when i was a Christian. I think it was A.W. Tozer quoting someone else. Anyway, the gist was, that a nation is never any higher then it’s God.

    It still makes a heck of a lot of sense. A society or culture or individual cannot advance any higher then their concept of God9if they have one). Their own concept of “God” is the ceiling.
    I would guess that how religion poisons everything, is that by it’s nature it slows a cultures ability to move ahead & see new truths. this seems to be what has happened historically anyway. & is also evident in modernity.

  2. IbaDaiRon Says:

    If you get a chance, though, you should read it; I think you’d enjoy it. :)

    Read another good bit last night but don’t have time to quote it right now (gotta get ready and trundle my trolley of woes down the highroad!); will try to get to it this evening.

    But here’s a quick one-liner for you: the next time you hear or see someone using the “windstorm in a parts hanger wouldn’t randomly assemble a Boeing 747″ argument, just reply…

    “That’s just jumbo-mumbo.” :D

  3. handmaiden Says:

    har har…is that some kind of geek joke? ☺

    I can’t believe I said “modernity” I really don’t like that word. It sounds pretentious.

    The subject of religion has always fascinated me. I’ve been involved with it for as long as I can remember.