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SCOTUS Scaliawag

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

I feel so reassured now having learned a little bit more of what kind of man Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is. A true piece of work.
(While watching excerpts of the video filmed at the Swiss lecture, I was reminded of the Japanese proverb 旅の恥はかき捨て (tabi no haji wa kakisute), “Away from home one needs […]

My han, my han, my han…talking ’bout my han, my han!

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

This is my han and my kumi.

Even though it’s still three days till I assume CONTROL POWER YES YES YES BWAHAHA…um, my responsibilities as new kumi-chô, I already have a few things I have to get done ahead of time. First and foremost is verifying the contact information for the households around me…name of head […]

Zero tolerance?

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

I just logged in to check the office mail.
23 new messages.
And not a single one of them spam.
Now this looks like a solution!

Belief Rekindled

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

I attended my first “block head” meeting tonight. Of the neighborhood association for my chôme. And I must confess: I am dumbfounded.
From my experience to date (admittedly, limited only to work-related gatherings of academics), I was of the opinion that Japanese people are incapable of conducting meetings in anything remotely resembling an orderly, never mind […]

Uh, hurry up with those filters, eh?

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Just getting up and moving on this end (hey, cut me some slack, I was up reading about Navaho syntax until 3:00…Yá’át’ééh abíní! I think that’s “Good morning”) and decided to check my uni mail.
Out of 23 new messages (mostly Linguist List stuff), 13 were spam.
This is getting ridiculous.
Come on, center people, get that spam-ware […]


Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Matt has pointed out in a comment that “RapeX” could sound like a product FOR rapists.
So let’s see if anyone out there can come up with a better name for everyone’s favorite(?!) anti-rape condom with teeth!
(Not sure if there’s going to be a prize yet, other than honorable(?!) mention here….)

Vagina Dentata

Friday, March 24th, 2006

I forget who it was that said the next logical step in human evolution would be the development of a vagina with teeth, but where natural evolution has not yet seen fit to set foot, Science is boldly rushing in:
RapeX, the anti-rape condom.
Just saw this in a report on CNN on an (alleged) ongoing crisis […]


Friday, March 24th, 2006

It’s almost like they know their days are numbered now, and they’re going for the humor slant. This one truly is priceless:
We’ll loan you a crazy woman!
She’s drugged out and crazy. So how can you say something. [IDR: see note below]
User’s manual included.
If you want to know more, please register using our free system (”free […]

Probably not related

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

It’s probably just a coincidence that two days ago I complained about the spam situation at work and today there was a message saying that they would be implementing a filtering system to catch most of it. Right? Right.
So, this may be my last spam quote post from that source! This one grabbed my heart […]


Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

This is an experiment in word creation.
As of this moment (9:44 PM on Sunday, March 19, 2006), this word gets zero hits on Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and Lycos. (Who am I forgetting?)
I’ll check the results again each night at this time for a week and see how long it takes to show up. (I’ve never […]

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What goes around…

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Oh, bother. The time has come. Feh.
 回覧 組長交代のお知らせ
 新年度(平成18年度)組長さんは ○○番地 ○○号の クレイグ さん となります。

Meetings once a month; passing around these damned kairanban message clipboards; collecting various fee and donation drive funds; having a garbage drop-off area in front of my house for a year.
This was going to be the political-theory-oriented post I promised a while back in a comment over on The […]

A socially-responsible More Chomsky BS

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

In a report on CNNj concerning a man who was CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN tortured at Abu Ghraib, the lawyer who is handling the two suits he has filed was named as Judith Chomsky.
I’ve just been tooling about the Net trying to find out who she is, other than a lawyer (formerly?) with the Center […]

They just keep coming: “Wild Mixer” Party invitation!

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Today was a public holiday (SPRING!!!) here in Japan, so naturally I wasn’t in the office, but I did login a few times to check my mail. Nearly a third of it has been spam. I’d contact the Info Center people about this growing problem, but maybe this is another of those areas they don’t […]

In critical but stable condition

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

My idealism was rushed to the emergency room late last night. After being variously and vigorously fucked over the years, I didn’t think yesterday’s events would have much effect on the old bird. In fact, just before the rather unsightly collapse, it was seen to dawn one of those frilly little conical party hats (emblazoned […]

The Perfidy of Bureaucrats

Monday, March 20th, 2006

It’s always entertaining, half an hour before the fact, to learn that what you’re about to walk into is going to be an entirely different type of thing than you have until now been led to expect.
I have no words.
(But check back again in a few hours. I’ll probably have found a few by then.)
- […]