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It’s all about the Benjamins…I mean, Yukichis

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Yesterday was the last day of the run of “The Forgotten” at Teatro in downtown Iwaki. I’d wanted to see this one since last year (it came out in US theatres a day or two before I left to come back to Japan, but since I was driving west to stay at a friend’s—I […]

Tiocfaidh an Samhradh

Monday, June 27th, 2005

I could have sworn I heard a semi in a thicket just off the road as I was driving to work this morning.
After a truly crappy spring, it would seem that summer is here with a vengence.
“Now is the winter[y spring] of our discontent made glorious summer….”
Ick. Humidity. Ooh. Sticky.

One World, One Dream

Monday, June 27th, 2005

So this is the motto for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, eh?
Nice catchy slogan, nice sentiments, right?
Well … I’d feel a bit more secure if it wasn’t China we were talking about.
I mean, whose one dream for the one world are we talking about, you know? Zedong Mao’s?
No thank you.

Via Language Log, this analysis by […]

Truckside Wasei-Eigo

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

As I was waiting for the light to change along part of my commute route this morning, a big truck turned left at the intersection and into the other lane of the road I was on. As it climbed the hill toward me, I noticed that it had
splashed all up along the […]

Better then what?

Monday, June 20th, 2005

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the erroneous use of “then” for “than”? I first became aware of it a month or so ago, but haven’t really tried doing any serious data collection or analysis yet.
Seeing it in Paul Postal’s book a few weeks back (this was before I started marking the typos, so […]


Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Well, in just a few hours I will have completed yet another circuit around the central burny bit. I had hoped to spend the day in quiet contemplation as I stand here, nel mezzo del cammin di mia vita (hopefully?).
But such was not to be, some inconsequential (as it transpired) meeting calling me down […]

Took them long enough!

Monday, June 13th, 2005

Someone in the spammer world has a bit of a brain it would seem, for one(?) of them has once again evidently caught on.
It’s just ONE line of defense, though, love!

Not-so-subliminal naughtiness?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Has anyone else out there getting Fox Japan noticed that the chorus of female voices in the new (from May) pre-commercial segue-thingy (the popcorn one) says “Fox” half the time and “Sex” the rest?
Or is it just me?
(It’s probably just me, right?)

Books: Postal 2004 & Pullum 1991

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Have been reading Paul Postal’s Skeptical Linguistic Essays and Geoffrey Pullum’s The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax (yeah, I know; all things in time!) and both are excellent. (If I were to voice any complaints, they would be directed at Postal’s editor: Typos, what? Someone was nodding on the job, eh?)
More detailed notes later (hopefully).
(And someone […]

Materialists in a spiritual world

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Don’t ask me what that’s supposed to mean; just popped into my head as I was staring at the Title field, so, hey, why not?
My little “work around” is proving quite effective. And has served to prove (to me at least) that most comment spammers must operate like their email counterparts (or alter egos?): […]